The 4-Minute Democracy

"If the US is going to bring Democracy to the world, we need to be one here first. Our democracy is based on electing representatives every 4 years, but all the decisions about how the country is run are made DURING those four years.

"The job of our Representatives is to represent us, but if we don't tell them how to vote, then they can vote however they want. And who do they represent? The businesses and special interests that donate money to their campaigns and tell them how THEY think the rep should vote.

"Why would our reps listen to us? Because they want to get re-elected! If we tell them how to vote, but they vote differently, then we can kick them out at the next election.

"Does your one voice matter? Congress knows that every phone call, letter, email, or fax they receive represents a MILLION people who didn't take the time, or know how to contact them!

"What happens when you phone? An intern will take the call, ask your name and address, and ask for your opinion. That's it! It takes less than a minute!

"Do they get the message? My Rep, David Wu, always writes me a letter back explaining why he agrees with me, or if he doesn't, he tells me why.

"What's the 4-Minute Democracy? It's easy! PUT YOUR REPS IN YOUR CELL PHONE FAVORITES! Then, any time something in the news is important to you, makes you angry, or inspires you, dial:

1: Your first Senator
2: Your second Senator
3: Your one House Representative
4: The White House (202-456-1111)

"It takes 1 minute per phone call, 4 minutes altogether, and IT WORKS! The 4-Minute Democracy!

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Put Your Reps in Your Cell Phone Favorites!