What You Can Do

Take Action!

It’s one thing to complain about politics, but if we want to see change, WE have to initiate it.

If you don’t call your Congressional Representatives, then the corporations and lobbyists set all policy.

It’s up to YOU!

MoveOn.org will tell you what’s happening and what you can do about it. Their alerts have changed many pending legislative votes.

TrueMajority.org The website from Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. They’ll send you an email before Congressional votes with a link that will instantly fax your reps.

CongressMerge is the fastest place on the internet to go to get the phone numbers for your Senators and House Rep. Then, put those numbers right in your phone so you have them at your fingertips! CALL THEM!

VoteSmart.org This non-partisan, independent fact site will report on issues, congressional statments, and most fun of all, an Obamameter showing how Obama’s doing on his campaign promises.

VoterPunch.org keeps track of how your reps vote on all issues, and whether they’re fulfilling their campaign promises.

DieOff.org This collection of scientific links analyzes peak oil, population growth, sustainability, economy, and dozens of issues related to whether our planet and societies can sustain themselves. Not for the faint.

MotherJones.com My favorite magazine of investigative journalism into all the issues of our times. A must read for inside info you can’t find in newspapers.

BlackBoxVoting.org has been tracking voter fraud and electronic voting booths since the 2000 election, when it was widely proven that the vote count was different than the election results.

WhiteHouse.gov Obama’s agenda. Go here to give your opinion directly to the White House: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact.

The Daily Show Must see TV, especially Jon Stewart’s opening commentary and the interviews with his A-list political guests.

The Rachel Maddow Show is a high-profile political commentary TV show. Rachel is funny, warm, and calls out her guests with insightful questions that put them on the defensive.

Congress in Your Pocket. Get all the info about your Reps and legislation right on your iPhone or Blackberry. Phone numbers and contact forms so you can give your opinion.