About Auntie Sam

A. C. Katz

The 4-Minute Democracy Soapbox

A novel concept from A.C.Katz, founder of CreatingAFuture.org


Did you like the video on the home page? It’s 2 minutes of A. C. Katz’s “Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport” soapbox.

Dressed as “Auntie Sam” (anti-Sam?), AC flips through signs with quotes, jokes, poignant facts, and brilliant solutions.

That’s the key...SOLUTIONS!

She’s performed the 45-minute full version at the Body Mind Spirit Expo, Dancing Dragons, Heald College, the Mind Body Spirit Expo, and on street corners.

Topics covered:
Basic civics lesson, 4-minute Democracy, Solutions, Oil, Hope.

The Soapbox from Dancing Dragons in August 2004 is currently was televised in Portland OR on Tualatin Valley TV, Comcast stations 21 & 23.

Want a copy of the 1-hour The Soapbox for yourself and your friends? DVDs can be yours for just $10! Please call 800-978-2725 or email us.


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